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I am almost certain that I am infertile but would like this to be confirmed and that nothing can be done about it. Embolisation of a varicocele - does not involve an operation. Related content Non-cancerous testicle problems FAQs Epididymitis, Hydrocele, Torsion and Varicocele are not a folk group, they're the more common non-cancerous testicle problems. Similarly one always hangs lower than the other to allow us to put our legs together without gaining a high voice. Testicular cancer is generally painless until the later stages.

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Pea shaped objects inside scrotum Q.

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Testicle problems

You should see your doctor who will probably prescribe antibiotics. Unfortunately it is difficult to give a comprehensive answer to this on the basis of the information given. I recently six months ago went through a battery of cancer tests, even through a leukemia specialist. Epididymitis can also be a source of testicular pain following ejaculation. The only real problem is that I worry about this - no pain apart from slight residual pain after feeling the left testicle to see what position it's in. If this is quite large it may need a subsequent operation to deal with it effectively There is a risk of damage to the testicular artery, which supplies the testicle.

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sore testicles after sex
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sore testicles after sex
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