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It is about 60 feet high and holds the peak of the tent. Aerialist — Performer who performs suspended above the ground on a trapeze or similar equipment wire walking is not an aerialist act. A large traveling circus might have 20 people working, a small "mud show" might be a family and a helper or two. Patience is a virtue; there is no need to re-submit your comment. Baron Capitan Nicu de Barcey.

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Chinese — Extra jobs done by circus personnel without additional pay.

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John Robinson's Circus

Jump Stand — An additional ticket booth near the front door used to sell extra tickets during a rush by spectators. Doing a Buffalo Bill - A fake farewell tour or fake curtain call. One of them died and so did the bear, which was shot dead at the scene. Behind the ring doors is a small vestibule artists can stand in inside the "back door" but out of sight of the audience. Kid Show — A sideshow. Circus Candy — Very cheap confections with deceptively impressive packaging.

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john robinson circus midget
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john robinson circus midget
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