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I just did all of that for nothing. I'll take that as my cue. She proceeded to lift herself off me until my length was completely out of her. I whipped around and saw my dog standing behind me, an all too familiar smug smile plastered across his muzzle. There she was, in all her naked glory. I just wanted to do this.

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I know a girl's virginity is a bigger deal than it is with guys, and yet she still chose to give it to me.

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I loved the sound of her moaning, to know that I could give her such pleasure, it was empowering. Our tongues met and quickly began our battle for dominance. I broke the kiss, then buried my face in her neck and started kissing the sensitive flesh furiously. But now that changes. Your review has been posted. Sissy must have seen the look on her face, because she suddenly giggled and kissed my lips.

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