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The moron in the White House can't even fix a leak pipe but a lot of idiots want him to take charge of their health care. The voices were shrill in opposition to her comment, but she touched a nerve—primarily because she was speaking the truth. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. If you have to use this picture to decorate your hovel, or to hide some holes in your walls then don't forget who created it. Because I do not wish to show the world as it is and instead prefer to show it as I wish it to be, I handcraft each and every picture in photoshop. Tags sarah palin s butt. But it turned out that her head had been pasted onto the body of another unknown woman.

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Thought I'd show the original

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Sarah Palin Is Sexy

Sarah Palin shows off her various pairs of glasses here. Sarah Palin'round with terrorist by nopantsboy. Sarah Palin-shoes by Ziplob3. Was she to stay in politics or take another path? Now, where did I put my NRA card? You knew all that, yet you voted for him. Sarah Palin by Iain Heath.

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bikini pics of sarah palin
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bikini pics of sarah palin
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